It was held last June 05 at the amphitheater 100 of the National Advanced School of Public Works, part of the activities of the international conference on the theme: « Holistic approach of water resources management in Africa ». Were invited:

  • All teachers of the National Advanced School of Public Works;
  • Master’s in Engineering students of levels 3 to 5;
  • Students of the EDA 1 and EDA 2 specialized Master

Here is the overall picture at the end of the conference:

In the pictures that follow, we see part of the conference panel:

In the picture below, we can see one of the panelists during his presentation, Pr. Abdelmalek Dahshour, who is a Moroccan expert in "Water and environment":

In the following picture, we can see another panelist lecturing, Dr. Anastasiah NGIGI, expert "Environmentalist in Chemical Analysis" Kenyan

On this one, we can have an overview of the students and lecturers who were mobilized for the circumstance:

During this conference, the students, who massively came, were able to exchange with the panelists who spared no effort to give them as much information as possible about the workings of their training and their future professions.

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