The Continuous training is a Department of the National Advanced School of Public Works (NASPW) whose objective is to

  • recycle the staff of the  NASPW and that of the MPW (Ministry of Public Works)
  • train on demand, the general public, the technical actors of the field PWBBET the staff of administrations, NGOs or Others

At the request of the latter (administrations, companies, NGOs ...), tailor-made training courses in the field of PWB are organized in the Continuous Training Department of the NASPW of Yaounde or in the Public Works Trades Centers (PWTC) of Garoua and Akonolinga).
Organization of the training

The training is organized according to the request made to the Department of the Continuous Training by the administrations, companies, NGOs or others. For the tailor-made training courses, a study is done by the Department and the applicant's percentage of participation is sent to him. The latter must then go to the NASPW to discuss about training modalities.
The number of people is limited to 30 per training.

The continuous training also allows for diploma training (graduation) that qualifies the staff in a specific field such as:

  • works supervisors training
  • site managers training
  • software training
  • management training

Thanks to its know-how, the continuous training has already trained more than three (03) engineering promotions in the domains such as:

  • road maintenance
  • management of services and companies

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