Students from the Environmental Engineering club of the National Advanced School of Public Works (NASPW) have organized a conference at the NASPW’s amphitheater 100 on the theme: "Water crisis in Cameroon". A meeting marked by the participation of the presidents of the different clubs: Civil Engineering, Topography and Surveying, Town Planning, Architecture, and the President of the Girls Association of the NASPW


  • Lack of technical and national water management policy;
  • Lack of physical water in arid areas such as in the Far North due to the severe dry seasons and floods that are the consequences of climate changes;
  • Consequences: cholera, famine, low birth rate, and dental diseases due to the abnormal presence of fluoride in the water;
  • Archaic construction of water wells;
  • Absence of the water culture.


  • Students of the NASPW as engineers, designers, innovators, are challenged by these technical problems;
  • The government should set up a national drinking water distribution network made of communal drinking water distribution networks. For the right to drinking water has become a fundamental right recognized by the United Nations;
  • Everyone must take his responsibilities as technicians, consumers or the government;
  • Sensitize the populations is essential to avoid the damages due to the ignorance of the citizens.

The panelists

From the left to the right

  • Dr. MBA Alphonse (Deputy Director of the NASPW)
  • Pr. NKENG George ELAMBO (Director of the NASPW)
  • Pr. ESOH ELAME (University of Padua in Italy)
  • Dr. Jacques MARTEL (Teacher at the NASPW)
  • Dr. TALLA André (Head of the Rural Engineering Department)
  • Dr. FANTONG Wilson (Lecturer at the NASPW)
  • KWALI Denise (President of the Environmental Engineering club)



Les panélistes, de la gauche vers la droite, Dr MBA Alphonse (Directeur Adjoint de l'ENSTP), Pr NKENG George ELAMBO (Directeur de l'ENSTP), Pr ESOH ELAME (Enseignant à l'ENSTP) et Dr Jacques MARTEL (Enseignant à l'ENSTP) The panelists
Quelques participants Some participants
Dr FANTONG Wilson (l'un des panélistes) en plein exposé Dr. FANTONG Wilson (one of the panelists) doing a presentation
Photo de famille Family picture

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